Morning! You slept and it was storming

All night long it was pouring

And all night long you were snoring

But the rain ended without warning

And it woke you in the morning.

The rain made rivers of roadways,

Deluges from downspouts

Carried your garbage away

While you were down and out

The lightning shredded the sky

The thunder shook your bed

Trees cracked and caught fire

And to the world you remained dead

Night before, you wished it to storm

Now you seem so forlorn –

Is the coffee too warm?

Is the yard now too worn?

The marsh before our home

Was a dry patch of dirt before

But the rain mixed the loam

And gave way to green shores

To the sound of your snores

And the water sunk deep in each bore

While you dreamed it streamed

Between the rock and the floor

And pipes burst at the seams

I can still hear Ms. Dawson down the street

Whose leaks cost her carpets and sheets,

Gardens of cabbage, cucumber and beets

And you remained in retreat

Mr. Holk’s tools were rusted,

Barry’s car is now busted,

Arjun’s dog was too-trusted

And he drives by every hour now

The fall and flood made us bow

And we all marveled at how

You still slept

The depths of your dreams

Have held you in peace

But now it will seem

A crueler kind of release

Water can drip – sometimes for days

Silently it creeps through all ways

One little drip is nothing to skip

And while you slept it slipped

Through a forgotten foundation

Cracked by a bad mason

And I’m sure to your elation

Flooded our basement.

We stand at the peak of a precarious precipice,
After the 8th will we know what the lesson is?
I know my stances can seem quite collectivist
At least it’s a compass when most are directionless
When the dust clears do you remain or complain?
Some say this selection is all the same
Regardless the players still play the game
But can that be our dying refrain?
Angers languish among strangers
Private thoughts become present dangers.
Neither you nor I were the great rearranger
Alone nobody can be a world-changer
Envision how division creates indecision
Dissenters will mentor resenters,
Superficial fissures are all where it centers
People make mockeries masked as tradition
The past has passed but the future needs revision


Monetize eyes
Curated, rated
Five stars, by stars
For ours for hours
Attentive powers
Will power over will-powers
Because will sours
And weak-willed, unskilled
Take pills shaped like bills
Dollars kill scholars
Thinkers become drinkers
Thoughts still linger
We bought the brought
And call ourselves the bringers

Coinage is the only god I know
Believe in the cash flow
Praise Benjamin, Hamilton and George
He dreamed of this in Valley Forge
Excess’s nexus, honed our reflexes
And now we chase change for a Lexus
Wear the Dream on our solar plexus
Like Superman, no one expected
The worship of our purses
Will the company reimburse it?
What monster had to nurse it?
Before you sell, you rehearse it
Don’t think, you can’t reverse it

Money is the master
Makes disaster
But at least we go faster
At least we can get plastered
Forget what we last heard
And remain in our pastures
Low til the rapture,
We’re captured.

I want to wake up to the scent of hash browns and bacon
I never want to take another trip through Macon
36 where the cops always stop me
63 where the gas is compensated
Broadway where the car is compensation
Hitt where music meets film and everyone parks
70 with the road rage and speed traps
29 by the airport, so many lanes for so little traffic
Roundabouts and interchanges,
Experimentation with vehicular transmission
Getting there faster, getting their Faster
Carriage speed until the carriage bleeds because danger is invisible until

Strangers recognized but also not
Seen and unseen, known and unknown –
Recognition without cognition and somehow
When you said hello I went into routine
Went into routine when we reconvene and
At the cost of convention I couldn’t mention because my half-
half memory could not cooperate to elaborate our circumstance.

Waiting and waiting, at once moving and sitting still
While the Dream sprints we jog
While it sleeps we slip and
Somehow it remains in sight but
Beyond reach

Growing but ungrown –
Adult and adolescent at once and
Only each when convenient
Only each when condemned
Only each when compromised
Only each because danger is invisible until

Our cribs left us for safer shores,
We on our rafts left to ride the waves –
How did our fathers learn to sail after the anchors were aweigh?
Perhaps the seas were gentler
Maybe the sailors were stronger
Seasoned and able-minded-handed-bodied
For now we wait for a first mate to set a course straight
To raise a sail while we drift
We walk til we find a lift
We drive but barely shift
Asphalt yields like bricks
And somehow we never learned the tricks

Monuments made to men who participated
Now mocked by the mandators
Unearned means unlearned
But whose blueprint do we follow now?
This ex-post facto architecture
And improvised caricature
Stands like a fractal recreation
Fractured vision of a nation
Views drip through headphones and
Blond becomes green,
Green becomes good and go is the only way to go
Take the red out your pen because
We all win all the time
We all win all the time
We all win all the time
We all win all the time

Mom & Dad (Love You Both)

Cindy met Ed when she was eighteen
He was twenty, even younger than me
They fell in love, mom says at first view
Well she did anyway; “He had no clue!”
But cookies and stuck windows won his heart
Plus Denny Matthews gave conversations a start

They were just kids when they had one of their own
A house on East Campus was their first home
Then they moved out to an old family house
And had one more son to round it out

Years after, dad’s dad – David – passed away
And Sibley is where the Winfreys went to stay
The car got packed with the family cat
Who delivered kittens on the way – imagine that!

The boys grew up, 5 years from each other
Who all went to Fort O, dad’s alma mater
And a newest son was supposed to be a twin
But not all promises are delivered in the end

A complication, surgery and then some knots
Made it impossible for more, so they thought
Until along came the fourth, how is a mystery
And the rest, as some people say, is history.

Thirty-eight years and counting they’re at
And two of their sons grandchildren begat
Dad crafts with wood, mom with her arts
They love their family with all of their hearts

Trash Day

Garbage! Garbage is all you know
From the tip of your nose to the tops of your toes
Garbage is all you’ve believed
No one gets a single reprieve
You refused to refuse the refuse
So now it’s off to live a recluse
In Hermit Hell-ville
You’re a Moby Dick.

One whale of a story is what you tell me
What would it take to dispel we?
You just can’t compel me
It’s really unhealthy

The smell is on your breath
Your aura stinks of death
So I’d like to superimpose
The truth with a dose
Of your personal compost:

Garbage! Garbage is all you know
It fills my ears til my head explodes
Garbage is all you can conceive
The only thing you’ll ever see
Take a good look at yourself
Your Garbage
Devours me

Observation Assignment

Shimmering shudders dash across a soft-glass surface. The sun sparkles off each shallow wave with the brilliance of jewelry and the sharp stab of a needle. Birds chirp as they bounce from house to house, the white stucco and brown rooftops become trees in a jungle of rigid lines and boundaries. Palm trees whisper and look down at the landscape below, spreading rumors of shade in a land of sun. The desert rose blooms.


We open our eyes and shut
The doors we lock
our hearts inside offices
Desks designed differently
Screens showing superior stills
Elegant, even enthralling
Joining your hand in mine we leap
Through silver screens we crash and
Flying over barren
over memories never made and
The sketches of last night end up
As the canvasses of our mornings

The dust we find in our pockets among
Lint and Old Testament pages
Creeps along the bottom of our desks
Still the same but different and
Looking like law left like
We were waiting when would wishing
Finally finish for
Flat lines
Make miserable memories
But my dreams are vacuum-sealed
Until the day they dry and die
We sigh and cry
And when you left
I didn’t
And I don’t know why.