Morning! You slept and it was storming

All night long it was pouring

And all night long you were snoring

But the rain ended without warning

And it woke you in the morning.

The rain made rivers of roadways,

Deluges from downspouts

Carried your garbage away

While you were down and out

The lightning shredded the sky

The thunder shook your bed

Trees cracked and caught fire

And to the world you remained dead

Night before, you wished it to storm

Now you seem so forlorn –

Is the coffee too warm?

Is the yard now too worn?

The marsh before our home

Was a dry patch of dirt before

But the rain mixed the loam

And gave way to green shores

To the sound of your snores

And the water sunk deep in each bore

While you dreamed it streamed

Between the rock and the floor

And pipes burst at the seams

I can still hear Ms. Dawson down the street

Whose leaks cost her carpets and sheets,

Gardens of cabbage, cucumber and beets

And you remained in retreat

Mr. Holk’s tools were rusted,

Barry’s car is now busted,

Arjun’s dog was too-trusted

And he drives by every hour now

The fall and flood made us bow

And we all marveled at how

You still slept

The depths of your dreams

Have held you in peace

But now it will seem

A crueler kind of release

Water can drip – sometimes for days

Silently it creeps through all ways

One little drip is nothing to skip

And while you slept it slipped

Through a forgotten foundation

Cracked by a bad mason

And I’m sure to your elation

Flooded our basement.


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